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The Westeros API provides programmatic access to read Game of Thrones data. Retrieve a character, provide an oauth connexion, retrieve a familly, filter them, etc.

To use this API, you need an API key. Please contact us at [email protected] to get your own API key.

CSN Latest Earthquakes

# Here is a curl example
curl \
-X GET \

Get the latest seismic events from the Chilean National Seismological Centre and shows them in JSON format.

Result example :

        "FechaLocal": "2020-06-18T02:38:25-04:00",
        "FechaUTC": "2020-06-18T06:38:25+00:00",
        "Latitud": -24.027,
        "Longitud": -67.258,
        "ProfundidadKm": 217.3,
        "Magnitud": "3.5 Ml",
        "Agencia": "GUC",
        "ReferenciaGeogrfica": "81 km al SE de Socaire"
        "FechaLocal": "2020-06-18T00:00:05-04:00",
        "FechaUTC": "2020-06-18T04:00:05+00:00",
        "Latitud": -38.35,
        "Longitud": -74.202,
        "ProfundidadKm": 25,
        "Magnitud": "4.0 Ml",
        "Agencia": "GUC",
        "ReferenciaGeogrfica": "62 km al O de Tirúa"


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